– Flautist, saxophonist,
composer and pedagogue

”Magical Melange”
Times of India

”Celestial inspiring music freed from
the annoyance of labels.”
all about jazz

”As an improviser, Hagberg conveys
the magic of this archaic world.”
M. Allgemeine


Great concerts in Jeonju, South Korea with MELODIC MELANGE. Enjoy a video from our first show.



TODAY TRUST IS AVAILABLE ON ALL DIGITAL PLATFORMS AND AS CD. Why don´t you enjoy it on Spotify PCD176 Trust_digipack copy 2.indd I am so happy that my new album, TRUST will be released in September. First single with the title song will be launched on August 15. Spotify or iTunes Here´s a teaser:


My ARTICLE about TEACHING IN IMPROVISATION is now published. Instrumentalundervisning i improvisation – en balansgång mellan tre perspektiv


NEW ALBUM RELEASE, MARCH 16. Duo with organ player Johannes Landgren. Available as a CD and on all digital platforms! SCD1163_digipac.indd   January 25 – 26 I was hosting contemporary flute master ROBERT DICK who visited the Academy of Music and Drama. On 26th I was part of an open seminar on extended techniques with him and Anna Lindahl.



The title song TRUST was made in dialogue with paintings by Lousie Bourgeois and dance by Anna Wennerbeck (Embladance). All sounds (except for some additional percussion) has been created with wind instruments such as Contrabass Flute, bassflutes and soprano saxophone. Photos: Sanne Storm, Per Buhre, Anna Berglund, Sascha Kajic, Anders Hagberg. Kristian Berglund. Sound: Åke Linton Mastering: Johannes Lundberg Anders Hagberg: Contrabass flute, Bass flute, piano, electronics Lisbeth Diers: Percussion, cymbals


April Tour: April 12, 2018 I will start a tour in Sweden which will include 5 concerts with three different collaborations that are connecting musical worlds. From Visby in the East, Malmö and Helsingborg in the South, Göteborg in the West and Sigtuna in the middle of Sweden, I will have the privilege to play with some fantastic musicians. Suranjana Ghosh, Svante Henryson, Karin Nakagawa, Ahmad al Khatib, Nabil Kassis, Lisbeth Diers and Johannes Lundberg. Calendar











Anders Hagberg & Johannes Landgren DSCF0471-2 Our second album is here! We have chosen music with foundational, archetypal melodies: Swedish folk chorales, Gregorian chant and simple ballads. Our collaboration is characterized by exploratory encounters: between traditions, genres, approaches to improvisation, and instrumental timbres In particular, the tension between silence and sound became a central feature of this project. Music breathes—in space.


Connecting Worlds

AffischConnecting Worlds_MMGreat Spring tour with Melodic Melange. Here´s a photo right before the show at Nefertiti in Gothenburg.


Capri, Villa San Michele.

After an intense 2017  I´m happy to look back on wonderful performances! I feel grateful and blessed to play with the fantastic musicians that have been part of the projects.
Connecting Worlds has, since autumn 2016 presented over 30 artists from 16 countries!!!


Interview in Gbg Fria Tidning about Connecting Worlds

This fall Connecting Worlds are doing two projects which I am so looking forward to!
15 concerts from south to north of Sweden.

Check pressrelease.

The two groups performing are MELODIC MELANGE October 20- November 24.


During the Planeta festival NOVEMBER 1-5, I will launch a new collaboration:
JAPAN-INDIA-SWEDEN with the two amazing artists Japanese Karin Nakagawa (25 string koto) and Indian Suranjana Ghosh (tabla).

Check Calendar for dates.








Autumn News.
Had a nice performance with Svante Henryson and Suranjana Ghosh in Stockholm last Saturday August 19.
Suranjana and I will in november team up with amazing koto player Karin Nakagawa  in one of two CONNECTING WORLDS projects this fall. The other is an extended tour with Melodic Melange which I am really looking forward to!



Good News!!
The Nordic group Yggdrasil that I´ve played with since the 1980s are nominated to ”Nordiska rådets musikpris 2017” (Nordic Council Music Prize 2017)






I have been spending the winter recording new music, teaching and writing about my artistic research project. (Capri, Italy)

I am now looking forward to the upcoming new serie of CONNECTING WORLDS with premiere April 19 at Nordic Watercoulour Museum, Tjörn, and an extended tour with MELODIC MELANGE. Check Calendar for updates!

Later this year Connecting Worlds will be collaborating with Kultur i Väst with two tours, Melodic Melange (October) and a new combination with the amazing artists Karin Nakagawa (koto) and Suranjana Ghosh (tabla) (November)



Connecting flyer




New collaboration with folk flautist Göran Månsson!!

I am so glad and proud to announce a new series of concerts at Frölunda Kulturhus in Gothenburg, CONNECTING WORLDS. Amazing artists from Sweden, Palestine, Syria, Kurdistan, Iran and India will meet in three different and unique concerts.
Warm Welcome!!

October 1st.
MELODIC MELANGE with guests.

November 3.
feat Suranjana Ghosh, tabla.
Khaled Harara, rap

November 26.
feat Jila Mossaed, poetry





Starting this year with composing new music in connection to my writing about modal improvisation; musical reflections from my encounters with Middle Eastern and Indian artists. More concerts and projects when we approach  the summer.