ANDERS HAGBERG - Flautist, saxophonist, composer, pedagogue.

”Magical Melange”  Times of India

“Exquisite world jazz, both rhythmically rich and mellifluous…” Lira

“Hagberg plays…constantly inventive and with a highly vocal quality to his musicianship.” GP

”Celestial inspiring music freed from the annoyance of labels.”   all about jazz

”As an improviser, Hagberg conveys the magic of this archaic world.” M. Allgemeine




Starting this year with composing new music in connection to my writing about modal improvisation; musical reflections from my encounters with Middle Eastern and Indian artists. More concerts and projects when we approach  the summer.

Until then, enjoy a video with my new collaboration with folk flautist Göran Månsson!!

VIDEO: Livsluft och Tonleikur