EARTHSONGS(previous project)

”Boundary crossing music at its very  best…modest beauty, magical sounds…breaths love, veneration and respect for the roots.”

Earthsongs was formed by Anders Hagberg from a will of expressing his nordic roots, using the melodies from joiks and herding calls as a starting point for improvisations. Together with experiences of Indian and Japanese music, Earthsongs has explored soundworlds where jazz, world and ambient meet.

The CDs EARTHSONGS and THE HERD were both nominated for swedish grammy award and the group has featured some of the finest nordic traditional vocalists including Sami Inga Juuso and Faroese Eivor Palsdottir. Earthsongs has been featured at the openings of several festivals and exhibitions where Stockholm Millenium Celebration and “Eldnatt” at Urkult Festival is worth noting. In 2004 they recorded music for STENRISTARNA, a TV-documentary. The CD and DVD was released in 2005.


“Earthsongs amused me deeply and wholehearted. Beautiful lines, interesting harmonies and rhytmical variety were  forming the base of their success.” Dziennik Polski.

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