Connecting Worlds / Melodic Melange


”Magical Melange” 

Connecting Worlds is a platform for musical collaborations between genres and cultures created by Anders Hagberg.
Since 2014 a great number of performance, concert series and collaborations have been made with artists from India, Japan, South Korea, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Sweden as well as string ensembles from e.g. Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra (GSO).

The partnership between Anders Hagberg and Palestinian oud player Ahmad al Khatib started in 2011 with an artistic development project at the University of Gothenburg on Modal Improvisation – “A Melodic Melange between Nordic Jazz and Arabic Maqam”

There collaboration has resulted in the album Melodic Melange and tours in Scandinavia, Estonia, India and South Korea. During their tours in India with artists from Bombay and Bangalore, they have made the album Ley Lines.

Live 2021:

Review in Swedish

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