TRUST (Solo/Duo)

“Anders Hagberg creates a unique world of sound, filled with beautiful, lyrical melodies and suggestive rhythms…It moves from quiet wonder to expressive, explosive exuberance.” (Opulens, 5/5)


On the album, TRUST, Anders takes his creative approach to the flute to a new level with cinematic sounds, solitary melodies, and evocative grooves. It is timeless music which honor the roots and at the same time looking into the future.
Improvisation and boundary-crossing collaborations are distinguishing features of his work and for TRUST the music was originally created in interaction with visual artforms such as dance, painting, video, and sculptures. Since the release he has played festival performances in the US, Iran, South Korea, Portugal, and Sweden as well as openings and collaborations with dancers.

The album was made in close collaboration with sound designer Åke Linton and they continued their work on 2022 album MA in interaction with visual arts and the physical spaces. MA is also including Double Bassist Johannes Lundberg

This program is offered as a solo/duo performance with options on guest artists:

Anders Hagberg: Alto-, Bass- & Contrabass Flute, sopranosax, mouth harp, electronics

Johannes Lundberg: Double Bass, Voice, Zither
Options: guest artists percussion/dancers/visual arts


 LIVE at FOLK. September 21, 2019


”An enchanting musician who unites the improvised freedom of jazz with an archaic quality.” UNT

“A fantastic interpretation of waves, winds and the singing of whales.” GT

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