WINDUO (previous project)

”Human communication, crossing musical borders…astoundingly expressive”. / JazzLife, Tokyo


Anders Hagberg and japanese bass player Yasuhito Mori started playing duo together in 1985. Since then they have gone through many phases, developing the rare touch that only somes from a long musical friendship.

Both musicians work in other groups but keep returning to this duo, where the traditional roles of solo and comp are replaced by an open script for two voices in free flight. On the repertoire you will find Japanese lullabies and Swedish folkmelodies, but also bluesy rhytmic grooves and viruoso unison parts in a close dynamic interplay.

Winduo has made 5 CDs and toured both Europe and Japan. They have also performed with others, including Japanese pianist Wong Wing Tsan, a number of Swedish and Indian percussionists, modern dance ensembles and with the Ginestera string quartet.


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