”Anders Hagberg has produced a recording of considerable substance and beauty.”

”Hagberg’s superb flute playing is displayed on the opening ”Islands of the North” with the wonderful backing by the rhythm section. Pianist Toivanen is a marvelous musical companion. The lyrical tone of Hagberg’s bass flute opens the pensive rendering of ”Inga” with restrained, supportive backing. With technical command of his instruments, Hagberg’s focus is on fostering a mood…The title track incorporates ambient sounds on an austere, dreamy tone poem with Hagberg’s soprano sax conjuring up an arctic night over the light foundation provided by the rhythm section, with Norbakken being especially outstanding with his percussion on this selection. Some of the same qualities are also present in ”Silent Ways,” with the voicing added by Lundberg’s bass adding to the distinctive mood engendered by Hagberg’s flute…”
Full review

Lira Magazine (2020 Top List):
“This year’s most suggestive jazz. The music of masterful wind player Anders Hagberg is palpably borne up by precisely this quality of suggestiveness—as if each note carries an image, a feeling, an impulse toward something higher.”
Review in Swedish

OJ Jazz (Recommended Pick):
“Music with spiritual depths…Skillful, passionate performances, beautiful and sublime, with a hint of mystery tucked in tenderly here and there.”

TEXTURA (Canada): “Music that exudes feeling, warmth and humanity, and presents small-group interplay at an exceptionally high level” (Canada)
Full article Textura

Opulens magazine for culture and the arts (5/5):
“Musicians of the highest caliber…world-class.
A musical voyager in the borderlands between jazz, folk and chamber music. He (Hagberg) preserves places, memories of people and musical encounters by letting them all live on in his music.”

For the new album, NORTH, Anders has put together a Nordic “dream team” of his new and old musical colleagues. The music for NORTH was recorded over two days in late February 2020, just before the world was paralyzed by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Taking a handful of compositions as a starting point, the recording session for NORTH captured musicians in a flow of inspired, intuitive collaborative music-making, present in the moment and open to meeting one another in improvised musical interludes.

Anders Hagberg – flutes, soprano sax, ambient sounds
Joona Toivanen – piano, zither
Johannes Lundberg – double bass, voice
Helge Norbakken – percussion








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