NORTH has been described as “music with spiritual depths”, “exudes warmth and humanity”, “Suggestive Jazz – each note carries an image, a feeling, an impulse toward something higher.”  

NORTH is a reference both to the musicians’ countries of origin and to the musical approach taken, in which communication, silence and melody are central. Flautist and saxophonist Anders Hagberg is a musical voyager, and in NORTH, he has assembled some of Scandinavia’s finest musicians in jazz and world music. 
A Nordic dream team with musicians associated with artists such as Mari Boine, Jon Hassell, Jon Balke, Billy Cobham, Marilyn Mazur, Avishai Cohen, Shakti to name a few.

Anders Hagberg – flutes, soprano sax, ambient sounds
Joona Toivanen – piano, zither
Johannes Lundberg – double bass, voice
Helge Norbakken – percussion

Watch full concert Haga Church March 2021:

(See also QUARTET for the first edition of the band which existed between 2010-2014)

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